Affiliates Glossary and Words Starting with A , B , C , D


Adsense The big daddy of all the affiliate programs on the web, Google Adsense is a contextual advertising network, from which the webmaster earns a percentage of the price per click paid by the advertiser. All you have to do is, join their affiliate program and place the advertisers' links on your website. Whenever your visitor clicks on the ad, Google pays you a certain commission.

Affiliate An affiliate is a website owner who promotes the merchant's products or services and earns a commission whenever a sale or lead is made.

Affiliate Marketing Program Any arrangement where a merchant provides a system in which affiliates can earn a percentage of profit by promoting merchant's products or services. In an affiliate marking program, the affiliate receives a commission for generating leads or sales though the links placed on his site.

Affiliate URL or link A special URL containing a code that identifies a visitor as having arrived from a specific affiliate website. Each link has a unique ID specific to an individual affiliate and will track visitors, records sales, and calculate the commissions.

B Backlink Backlinks are URLs that links to your post that is placed on another website. It can either be an absolute URL containing the entire http address of your content, or a simple anchor text. Backlinks are sort of pointers that lead visitors and search engines to your content. The more backlinks you have, the better you rank in the search engines, and the more scope your content will have in being located.

Banner Ad It refers to a graphical advertisement which an affiliate displays on his site.

Blog An acronym for the Web log, blog basically refers to an online journal. The person who write blogs is called a blogger and the act of updating blog is known as blogging.


CPA Cost Per Acquisition The one time amount the merchant pay on acquiring a customer.

CPC Cost per Click The amount an affiliate receives when a visitor clicks on the merchant's ad placed on his site.

CPM Cost Per Thousand - It is the cost a merchant pays per 1000 impressions of a link or banner.

CTR Click Through Rate It refers to the percentage of visitors who actually click on an ad placed on the affiliate's website. It is calculated by dividing the number of clicks an ad receives by number of impressions.

CR: Conversion Ratio It is calculated by dividing number of click throughs to merchant by number of sales generated.


Domain Name It refers to the unique name that identifies a website.

Doorway Page Also called gateway page, entry page, bridge page, these pages are helpful in improving search engine placement.

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