Affiliates Glossary and Words Starting with Q, R, S, T


Reciprocal linking It is a useful marketing strategy which involves exchanging links with other websites to gain search engine popularity.

Recurring Commissions In this commission structure merchant offers commission to an affiliate for any number of sales from the same customer.

Referring URL It refers to the URL a visitor came from to reach merchant's website.

Return on Investment (ROI) It refers to the difference between your net revenues and your total costs.


Scumware A software that gets on your computer without your consent and modify web pages from their original content to display ads on the user's computer screen.

SEO Search Engine optimization a process that involves choosing some relevant keywords and keyword phrases for your site and putting them on your pages in such a way that your site ranks well when those keywords are searched upon.

Spyware Also known as "adware", this is a program which is hidden within free downloaded software to transmit user information via the Internet to advertisers.

Super Affiliates This refers to the topmost 1% to 2% of the affiliates that contribute almost 90% of an affiliate program's total revenue.

Spider Detection A process of detecting and ignoring automated spiders, also known as bots.


Targeted Marketing This is the process which involves breaking the market into segments and then developing appropriate products or services for one or a few key segments.

Text link It is a link which is not supported by any graphics.

Third Party Tracking Software When the tracking software is located on another server other than your own.

Tiered commission In this commission structure the commission increases on a sliding scale based on the performance of an affiliate.

Tracking Method It is method used by an affiliate program to track the referred sales, leads or clicks.

Tracking URL See Affiliate URL or link.

Two Tier Affiliate Program In this kind of affiliate programs the affiliates not only receive commissions on their own sales, but also on the sales of sub affiliates they refer to the program.

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