Affiliates Glossary and Terms

Affiliates Glossary and Useful Definitions

The most difficult part about joining an online affiliate program is understanding the terminology. When I first started my career as an online casino affiliate, I came across a lot of jargons and acronyms that are used as affiliate marketing terms, such as PPC, CPA, SEO. Obviously these acronyms are beyond the understanding of a newbie. It was in that instant, I realized that if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, you must learn the terminology first the same way you would learn it in any other profession. However, learning the terminology is only half the battle, but it definitely takes you a step closer in your quest to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Below is a glossary of affiliate marketing terms to help you understand your internet marketing business better. Most of the words have been defined in the layman's language so that even a person with no experience in affiliate marketing whatsoever can learn this business and start earning. Of course, the list is not complete and I will continue to update it for a while.

In the meanwhile, check out some of the most common affiliate marketing terms listed A to Z.

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