Administration Affiliate Program

How to Administrating an Affiliate Program

Becoming an affiliate may appear simple on the face, but its administration is a fairly complex task. A successful affiliate program involves a lot of behind-the-scenes work, which is otherwise not visible to an affiliate. To make sure that the affiliates are paid fairly and on time, there should be someone to oversee all the activity surrounding affiliate's link to merchant website.

This is why, the companies hire marketing professionals usually the third-party companies also known as affiliate management networks to ensure smooth running of their affiliate program.

Affiliate management networks plays a pivotal role in any affiliate marketing program. From keeping track of all transactions on all the websites of all the affiliates to arranging payments and helping affiliates put the necessary links on their websites, affiliate management networks takes care of it all. Additionally, affiliate networks help merchant websites in recruiting affiliates for their program.

Different affiliate networks have different features, but some of the most common things they do are -

* Keep track of the visitors that come through affiliate sites.
* Keep track of all the purchases those visitors make on the merchant's site.
* If the visitor makes a purchase, they track the amount of commission the merchant has to pay according to the agreement.
* Keep track of total commissions owed to the affiliate by different merchants.
* Provide a help center where merchants and affiliates can view detailed traffic reports.
* Make payments to affiliates every month by check or direct bank deposit.

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