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Bingo 4 affiliates boasts of offering you one of the highly profitable Bingo affiliate network schemes in the online gambling industry. Our incentive plans are designed to give you the best percentages and help you extort the maximum revenue from leads.

All our incentive plans are unique and offer you the most competitive deals.

As a new affiliate you can choose from the following revenue models:

  1. 1. Revenue Share
  2. 2. CPA i.e. (Cost Per Acquisition)
  3. 3. Revenue Share plus CPA
  4. 4. 2–Tier Affiliate Program

1. Revenue Share

The revenue share model that we offer is one of the most generous in industry. You can earn up to 50% commission for lifetime*. This model is designed to reward affiliate members who bring in quality players with matchless commission percentages based on the net revenue generated

The detailed affiliate commission structure is explained in the chart below:

Gross Win Commission
$0-$5,000 25%
$5,001-$10,000 30%
$10,001-$15,000 35%
$15,001-$20,000 40%
$20,001-$25,000 45%
$25,001+ 50%

2. Cost Per Acquisition

Our CPA structure is extremely competitive and is designed to maximize your revenue opportunities. Get a guaranteed payment for every new acquisition you refer every month. This means, the more players you bring, the more money you make!

3. Revenue Share + CPA

Revenue share plus CPA, now get the best of both worlds! While you enjoy a guaranteed payment for each player you refer to us, maximize your profits with our revenue share model too.

4. 2–Tier Program

Refer other affiliates to us and earn commissions on their sales!
A sub-affiliate is a person who joins Bingo4Affiliates after being referred by you. By joining our two-tier affiliate program, you can earn a whopping 40% commission from the sub-affiliates working under you!

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