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Internet Affiliate Marketing Tips CheckList

Affiliate marketing is a tough business, but wouldn't it help if you knew where the land mines are? Many people enter the affiliate marketing battle-field without the basic training, and hence their business fail badly.

Wouldn't life had been easier if you had an affiliate checklist to guide you through every step of affiliate marketing program, providing you with useful tips and pointing out the likely risks.

With the proliferation of online affiliate programs on the web, newbies in internet marketing are finding themselves in the middle of a storm where there seems to be no escape.

A lot of people join affiliate programs only because they are free without bothering to understand how they work. As a result, they commit some costly mistakes, and by the time they realize it, its already too late.

It is true that affiliate marketing is a great way to earn additional money online, however there are many things which you must take care of in order to avoid any disasters later on. Before starting your affiliate marketing business, it is good to ascertain that you've done all the basic preparation. So, here's an affiliate checklist that will ensure your success.

1.How targeted is your product: it is extremely important that the affiliate product you're promoting is targeted to your visitors. The affiliate product must have a correlation to the niche of your website. For example you can't sell bridal dresses on a book review site.

2.Conversion Ratio one of the most important aspect of affiliate marketing is to convert your traffic into sales. Place yourself in the shoes of a buyer. Will you be interested in buying that product? One of the best way to determine that is to go through the sales mailers by yourself and see whether it convinces you to make a purchase. You can also contact the affiliate managers who have access to the statistical data that tells you how much traffic you should generate so as to earn a commission from the sale.

3.Incentives and Commissions Usually affiliates receive 20-50 percent commission of what they sell. Some affiliate programs also offer extra affiliates incentives to the affiliates for their outstanding performance. Will you earn a further affiliate commission if your referral buys more products on that site.

4.Payout schedule and limit: Check out what is the minimum payout level and when you will be paid? Checking at this point will enable you to know how the merchant will pay you. Affiliates can choose from several payment options including Paypal, check, or direct bank transfer. Another important thing that you must know is when you will be paid, at what interval? Some affiliate programs pay twice a month while others pay only once.

5.How good is the customer support service: is your merchant responsive to you and your customer? For the success of an affiliate program it is imperative that your merchant is responsive and provides good customer service. If the merchant doesn't attend your referrals properly, it will also tarnish your image in the market. Don't forget that credibility plays a vital role in this business.

6.Promote good quality products: perform a quality analysis on the products your are promoting. Remember that your customers trust you. By promoting inferior quality products you will not only lose their trust but will also lose your goodwill in the long run. Hence, it is important that you set a standard for yourself.

7.Fair referral tracking system a lot of affiliates use cookies to track visitors you direct to their sales page. It will be important for you to check the life of the cookie. Suppose, your referred visitor don't make a purchase on the first visit, but may return later to buy, you will get paid unless he delete his cookie. A lot of merchants also use advanced affiliate tracking software which ensures safety of both parties.

8.Effective Marketing Material: A good affiliate program must provide all the necessary affiliate marketing tools to its affiliates. A lot of valuable time can be saved if your merchant provides you with ready to use banners, text links, graphics, newsletters etc. If you have a comprehensive list of all the marketing tools you can easily mold it in your own way and forward it to your visitors.

So, before you start your affiliate business, do refer to this checklist and use it as the basis for comparison.

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