Understanding the Affiliate Tracking Technology

Affiliate Tracking Software Model and Requirements

One of the features of affiliate networks is to keep track of visitors that come from affiliate site to the merchant site. But how do they do it? The answer is visitor doesn't really go straight to the merchant website! Yes, they instead go through an affiliate URL, which contains several bits of information including:

* An ID number for the affiliate,
* An Id number for the merchant, and
* The URL of the merchant's site.

Whenever a visitor clicks on the link, the network site records a hit on that particular URL, which helps them identify a visitor as having arrived from particular affiliate site. This URL then redirects the visitors to the merchant site and this all happens so quickly that you never realize it.

For tracking sales, the network sites use internet cookies that contain these same identification numbers. This way they know what affiliate sent the customer to the merchant website.

So, after you've understood all the aspects of your online affiliate program, its time for you to sit back and watch the money pour in!

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Understanding the Affiliate Tracking Technology

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