Online Casino Wagering Requirements

Casino Wagering Model

Whether you're new to online casino or just want to try your luck at a new casino site, simply look around the web and you'll find that most casino sites, if not all, offer players oodles of free cash in return for their signing-up, playing or loyalty towards their site. However, as with all free offers, there are a few asterisks attached, which in this case are called casino wagering or play-through requirements.

These casino wagering requirements are put in place to make sure that free bonuses are not abused, besides balancing out the casino risk in lending free money to players. But people often miss or misunderstand these wagering requirements, since they are not explicitly emphasized and are rather hidden in the terms and conditions section, which most players tend to overlook.

So, before accepting the 'terms and conditions' or any offer made by an online casino, always ensure that you've read and understood everything, for you may not want to go for it if the 'terms and conditions' are unacceptable.

Play through restrictions or casino wagering requirements are a complex thing, but before we go any further let us first understand what it exactly means.

A casino wagering requirement is basically a number that represents the number of times a player must play through either with the free cash or the free cash plus the deposit amount at a certain casino before being allowed to cash-out his winnings. This number is generally determined by the casino's risk management team and can vary considerably from one casino to another. Typically, it can range between 15x for the less strict bonuses to 40x for the more strict ones. Simply put, the more generous the bonus appears, the more you have to wager before being eligible to make a withdrawal. So, if next time a casino bonus seems too-good-to-be-true, it probably is.

Let us understand this by putting some figures and calculations:

$200 x 15 = $3000

In this case a player will have to play-through or wager $3000 in total bets before he will be permitted to cash out.

For instance, an online casino has 15x wagering requirement for a match bonus of 100% up to $100. Assuming that you take advantage of the full $100 bonus, you make a deposit of $200. According to the 'terms and conditions' of the offer the wagering requirement is 15x of your deposit plus your bonus. It means:

$200 x 15 = $3000

In this case a player will have to play-through or wager $3000 in total bets before he will be permitted to cash out.

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