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Affiliate Payouts

Affiliate marketing is perhaps the most common way to monetize your site or blog. Today merchants are offering huge affiliate payouts to affiliate marketers for promoting their products and services. Basically, there are three types of affiliate payouts – Pay per click, Pay per Sale and Pay per Lead. Each of these affiliate payouts are unique and have their own individual earning potentials. Each one of these is discussed below in detail:

Pay per Click or PPC–It is one of the most common method used by online affiliate programs to reward their affiliates. All the big publisher companies such as Google AdSense use affiliate PPC. In pay per click payout method, affiliates earn a revenue every time the viewer clicks on the merchant's advertisement.

Pay per Sale–the concept of pay per Sale was made popular by the America's largest online retail company Amazon. All you have to do is refer your friends or family through your affiliate link and when they make a purchase, you earn a percentage of the sale you technically made.

Pay per Lead - Perhaps one of the most tactical affiliate payout method, Pay per Lead is used to build up memberships to a new web page and to promote their site further. In pay par lead affiliate programs the main objective is to refer friends. Pay per lead programs are generally referral programs, in which you earn some payout for each friend you successfully refer.

An affiliate is usually the sales man who promotes a company's product to earn some commission with either pay per click, pay per sale, pay per lead or whatever affiliate payout model. Nowadays, people use affiliate marketing as a way to make some easy money. Anyone who has a website or a blog with daily readers can generate a lot of revenue through online affiliate programs. The payouts are generally high and best of all, you can work from home.

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